Welcome to Gary Dowzall's picture library's. This is a photograph collection of mainly sports events around the Oxford area. The availability of Digital cameras rekindled a long standing interest in Photography and in particular sports photography.

While mainly interested in Motorsport the advent of the high wire fence has meant I have developed a more general interest in sports photography. I now regularly attend local Trials events organised by IXION MCC and North Berks MCC and more recently can be found on the banks following rowing where the challenge of photographying hundreds of rowers is fun. It is this challenge that has prompted me to setup these web pages to hopefully allow competitors to find their picture quicker. Simply enter your club, or your name for bikes, and hopefully you will find your pictures quickly.

Also having a golfing family has meant I get asked to wander around and record some of the events at Hadden Hill Golf Club.

Further information about the clubs can be found at;

Motorcycle Trials
North Berks MCC; NBMCC
VMCC Chiltern Section; VMCC
Hawks MCC; Hawks
Swindon an dIstrict MCC; S&DMCC

Motorcyle Racing
East Midlands Racing Association; EMRA

Rowing Clubs
Tideway Sculllers School; TSS
Wallingford RC;WRC
Reading RC;RDG
Marlow RC;MAR
Upper Thames RC;UTRC
Walton Rowiing Club WLT
Weybridge Rowing Club WEY
Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club WEL
David Biddulphs Rowing page
Rowing Photography link

Hadden Hill Golf Club; HHGC