Sliders Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sliders Photography (Sliders Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Sliders Photography: Blog 120 90 Aerial Photographs Grey Dolphin has been my IT business over the last few years and this year it is branching out into aerial photography. With a Permission For Commercial Operation it is now able to offer a range of aerial imaging services.


As you would expect still images are on offer, this can be of buildings or for mapping. Mapping is the process of merging many images to produce high resolution image of fields or other areas.


Video is something new for me and is an interesting challenge to produce similar quality to what I have worked on for the pictures on this site.


Finally there are the fun 3D images. This is where many images are merged together to create a 3D model that can be rotated and viewed from any angle.


A new menu option will be added to showcase these services and allow purchasing. 2017 will be an interesting year.



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Aerial Photography Its been a while since I wrote an entry on this blog. Well I now have have joined the world of UAV ( drone ) owners and completed BNUC-S training course. So I'm  one step away from joining the world of aerial photographers, just need to get the CAA Permission for Aerial Work.

Well the new machine will let me take still pictures from the air of the same quality as the existing pictures this site. Additionally I am able to produce high quality 4K Video. This exciting new challenge will be available for both static and moving subjects.

Other areas of interest include creating detailed maps and 3d images of buildings, structures and landscapes. 

Samples of the above will be posted soon.

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Sat back on the river bank Well its been far too many months since I was able to get out for the day and and photograph rowers. Saturday saw me at Burway Small Boat Head. Quite a nice day if a little chilly. It was also first outing for the new camera. So lots to learn about an Olympus E-M1. Seems to have worked reasonably well just need to tweak the settings a little more.

Hopefully I'll get a slection of the South African animal pictures loaded soon just for something a little diffenre from bikes and rowers.

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SEO Oh joy of joys, seems google does not like me much any more.... :(

Guess I need to get back to writing words about bikes and rowers doing their thing along the Thames valley. If I believe google analytics there are a lot of your still searching on 4shead.

This is the challenge of having a web site with lots of pictures and not so many words.  Even if the pictures are labeled google does not seem to like that rowing club abbreviations, thinks they are too short and not meaning full. As for the classes also too short, but scullers is OK. Am sure a few hours of editing web pages will help a bit.

Mind you I have just gone through the 30,000 picture mark in about 4 years of chasing bikes and rowers. Must mean trusty camera is  due for and upgrade.

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Henley Womens Regatta Seems to have been ages since I was at Henley photographing rowers. Sadly work and weather got in the way of Saturdays photography. Wind blowing rain straight onto a lens does make life a little challenging. Fortunately Sunday was just about dry so was a pleasure to watch some excellent rowing.

Interesting chatting to folks as well making a very enjoyable day.


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Thames Ditton Well it was along day but not as long as most of the rowers with racing from 8:30-18:30 without break. I took a slightly more relaxed time of arriving at 9:30 ish.

Was  certainly nice being back on a river bank with nice views of the the Palace and surprisingly nice weather. 

Seems I missed a launch modifying a 4 but did see a large Gin Palace snare its self on a mooring line. I did wonder why it took so much effort to drag it to the bank, then I saw the anchor that had been used.....

Well rather a lot of pictures to process but part one done and nearly time to head out to Hertfordshire to chase some bikes around a gravel pit. A team trial will e a bit different. More pictures will be loaded this evening.

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Back again Well its been an challenging few months visiting family in hospital but life looks like it is  getting back to normal. Just need paying work to pickup a little.

The weather at start of year caused many and event to be cancelled with a consequence I did not get out to many events other than a few local trials. 

Hopefully I can get back to the river bank and photograph a few regattas starting this weekend.

On the positive side, holiday is booked and we are heading back to South Africa to chase the wildlife and relax a little. Hopefully even meet up with a few old colleagues over a few beers.



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Glorious December weather Well after the rain the pleasant  challenge of bright sunshine. Firstly at  Vesta Scullers head, shooting into the sun from the start at Chiswick bridge. Then on Sunday in the dappled sunshine in Howe Woods near Watlington. At least in woods I can use a flash which hopefully does not anoy the riders too much. 

So lots of pictures all thankfully sorted now even if some dirt in the camera caused a few focusing problems for Scullers pictures. Probably time it went back to Olympus for a service after the abuse I have given it over last few years.




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Out and about again Well the trip to Kingston on Thames for the small boats head took a bit longer than I expected and arrived just before first boats arrived. Actually it was finding place to park that took the time. Fortunately the rain stayed away and a wander through park into town provided some interesting colours to the background. for Division 2 a more restful spot on Hart Marina  added a bit of variation even if a little unstable at times. 


Before i could get all the pictures labeled it was time to head out on Sunday to North Berks MCCs Downland trial. Always good to see so many old bikes in action, although some have some rather new looking parts on them. With blue skies and wonder autumn colours in the woods it was a real pleasure to be out.  Also good to meet up with other photographers in during the few quieter times in between the 120 or so bikes. Always interesting to find out where we have visited since previous events.



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Back on River bank Well after cursing at a stubborn car it was good to wander over to Bourne End railway bridge and photograph Marlow Long distance sculls. `The sun even showed its self a little. Mind you by end of day it was rather cold. Then Sunday was a longish walk down to start of Upper Thames 4s and small boat head. Alway nice to get down there in autumn and get the nice background colours form Henley Business college. Next it will be back to Henley for the sculls.

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Chiswick Bridge It was a mixture of weather that greeted me back to Chiswick bridge for first of the HOR events. Certainly nice to see so many boats on the river even if start was dull and challenging to take pictures in.  By the end a nice afternoon autumn sun had appeared and totally change the look of the pictures for those that were at end of field. Has taken a while to sort out and label pictures with composite crews and crews rowing other clubs boats. So hopefully if you search by clubs three letter abbreviation and 2012 pairs you will find your pictures faster.


Then on Sunday it was back to Oxfordshire woodland for the Oxford IXION James Cup trial. A wander through hilly woodland to photograph a motocycle trials even. Not the biggest entry this year but hopefully some interesting pictures.


Next weekend is the Walton Silver sculls and a nice wander along the Thames towpath.



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Busy weekend Well the head racing season has started and now its back to wandering the river bank or sitting on bridge to take lots of pictures. This weekend it was Wallingford Lng Distance Sculls and some 590 boats entered. Fortunately the weather stayed fine if a little breezy at times. THe picture are now all labelled and loaded. Next weekend I will hopefully be off to Reading for their event


Sunday it was back to a familiar venue at Dews Farm Harefield. West Middlesex Amateur MCC were runnig their LaGrande trial. Even though this is a new club to me there were a number of familiar faces enjoying a Stop allowed trial. All the pictures are loaded but only a few are labled as I have not seen an entry list with all the riders names. If I can obtain one I will update the captions.

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IXION Ivan Davis Trial Oxford IXION MCC returned to familiar ground at Cox's farm Beckley. Nice to be able to park nearer to sections and avoid some of climb back up hill at end of the day. Sections were mixture of climbs and mud, amazingly only got plastered once while wandering....

Photogrphs all labeled with riders names, hopefully spelt correctly, and loaded.

Just need to checkout gear for three days of motorsport fun at Goodwood Revival next weekend. Will be a good event and am sure will drain a few batteries and fill a few cards with pictures.

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North Berks Trial Well the rain just about stayed away for the weekend and it was back to Bessels Leigh. Good venue for a trial if the rain stays away. Earlier in year it  this year it did not and unfortunately trial was moved. Bessels Leigh has a nice mixture of rocks, logs and steep climbs. Scoring reflected a tricky course. Pictures are loaded and hopefully folks will like them.

Next weekend it is back to the IXION mud at Beckley. So out with the wells I suspect.

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EMRA event at Mallory Well another good day out at Mallory, sun shone and rain stayed away.  Mallory always good to visit with its lack of wire fence, just a shame the changes to Edwinas make it less photographer friendly. Was good to see Tim Howells getting back in amongst the leading group again, just needs a tyre that lasts. 

As usual nice to get pictures at hairpin in morning when the sun is in a good position. Then wander round as day goes on. Pictures are all sorted and  loaded. Now just need to sort out where to go over the weekend as it looks pretty quiet at the moment.


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First Blog Well work has gone a little quiet so I can spend a little more time on this website and adding some more content. 

Last weekend North Berks Bonanza Trial pics are all loaded and slide shows created. Not sure why but e:mail ing the script seems to be a bit of a challenge but hopefully sorted now.

This weekend starts with golf at Hadden Hill for their gala day so a long day trying to get people organised and then hiding in the bushes for the on course pics. Then Sunday is of to Mallory Park where Tim Howells will have good couple off races on a retuned Susuki. Should be good weeknd and lots of pics to process.



Just need to organise tickets and accomadation for Goodwood revival now.

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